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Thank you for your interest in sharing our resources. Everything published at is protected by copyright, and while our mission is to freely share as much of our content as possible, we also want to steward these assets well and respect the rights of those whose content we share. This website is your best resource for accessing our content and sharing it with others, and we encourage you to point people here. If you want to download copies for yourself or share copies with others, we have three main categories of content, with varying permissions for each category, to consider.

1. Resources by Dr. David Murphy
Content authored by Dr. David Murphy is owned by Murphy Family Ministries., which holds copyright in all of his published works. You may freely use, share, and reproduce this content for personal or noncommercial (not sell or monetize) uses provided that when publishing textual content online or in hard copy, only quotes and excerpts may be used, not the entire work.

For audio and video content online, you may embed the entire unaltered original content from this website in another webpage but not reproduce, redistribute, or re-upload by other methods without our prior written permission.

Include this author bio, where appropriate:

David Murphy PH.D., (PH.D. degree at Evangelical College and Seminary) is president of Murphy Family Ministries. Since 2009, Dr. David serves as the lead pastor of Victory Fellowship Church and is a guest speaker at many other ministries. He is the author of Forgiveness: A Required Course and numerous articles. In the past 32 years, he has served as a Children’s and Youth Pastor, Business Administrator and Hospital Chaplin. Dr. David and his wife Virginia have one daughter, a son-in-law and live in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In all cases of republishing, the following attribution must be included:

By Dr. David Murphy. © Murphy Family Ministries. Source:


Some of Dr. David's books are available in electronic form on this site under a limited license from the publisher. This license limits use to this site, and should you wish to use any of this content in other ways, please contact the publisher directly for permission.

2. Resources by Authors Other Than Dr. David Murphy

Content by other authors is owned by those authors unless indicated otherwise. We have the permission of those authors to publish and distribute their content on this site. However, any other use of this type of content outside of our site requires permission from the author and copyright owner, if different from the author. To contact the various contributors to this site for permission, please visit their author profile.

3. Resources by Murphy Family Ministries
Content on Murphy Family Ministries that has no author attribution, or which indicates copyright with Murphy Family Ministries, is owned by Murphy Family Ministries. Use of this content outside of this site requires permission from Murphy Family Ministries. Please contact us to request permission.

Common Questions
Can I Translate Murphy Family Ministries Resources?
Translations of resources for personal use are permitted. However, permission is required for any translation that is intended to be shared publicly. Please see our Translations page for more information.

Can I Play a Murphy Family Ministries Video at My Event or Gathering?
You do not need special permission to play audio/video content of  Dr. David Murphy or Murphy Family Ministries for a private or public gathering of any size, provided the gathering is not commercial or political in nature, and you do not charge anything to view the content. You can stream (or download, when available) content from our website, podcasts, Vimeo, or YouTube channels. Please credit Murphy Family Ministries and refer to our website

Press Inquiries

If you represent a media organization and are interested in the use of our resources in capacities that are not listed above, please contact us.

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