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Founded by Kevin B. Santiago

Christian Guard aims to write intriguing articles that cover all sorts of topics with one singular vision: Defending truth through reason. 

Kevin B Santiago Summit Angel

Kevin B. Santiago

Founder & Writer

Kevin is originally a South Florida native who made his way to Colorado shortly after marrying his wife in 2012. There he attended Denver Seminary graduating with high honors as a recipient of the Gordon Lewis award for Distinguished work in Philosophy of Religion. Working for some of the largest Christian churches in the nation like 12Stone Church and Christian Fellowship along with para-church ministries such as Dare2Share as well as serving as founder for Summit Angel, a digital marketing agency, his enthusiasm for ministry and Christian truth is evident in his work and writing. 


Along this journey, Kevin and his wife welcomed two precious boys into the world. As Coloradans, they love the great outdoors spending time hiking, running, and drinking a hot beverage by the fire. His wife would describe Kevin as a bit of a nerd with a deep interest in sci-fi films and superheroes. Some of his favorite films are Alien, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and the Star Wars Trilogy and books would include Blade Runner, Martian, and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Passionate about demonstrating the beauty of God as understood through the Christian faith, Kevin regularly spends his time writing, preaching, and teaching. He currently serves as a Lead Pastor at his local church in Aurora, CO. Some of his more noted talks include:

  • ​​ Tactics to Defend and Share Your Faith

  • Making Sense of Pain and Suffering

  • Dealing with Doubt

  • Can We Trust the Bible?

  • How the Gospel Changes Everything

A word from Kevin:

"The world is increasingly becoming more pluralistic with differing views on almost every topic—especially faith and religion. I founded Christian Guard to help Christians and those interested in thinking deeply about cultural and other worldview matters from a biblical perspective. I cannot think of anything more important than helping others know the beauty of God as understood in the Bible."


For general questions for Kevin B. Santiago, please use the contact form. For speaking requests, please fill out the speaking request form.

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