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A Person Worth Reaching

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

To think that we as the people of God are entrusted to represent his majesty is both wonderful and terrifying. Wonderful because we are given such a noble task. Terrifying because that task is wildly important. And so, we become like young children who desire to do the job of our father only to realize we are inept.

Nonetheless, our ineptitude does not disqualify us from doing the work. To the contrary, whether capable or not, we are the vessels that God chooses to indwell to fulfill his kingdom work here on earth. But what is this work, one may ask? To help others see that the schism between God and man is no more. That through the blood of Jesus we have been redeemed and are once again children of God.

With this divine truth, Jesus calls us to love our neighbors. Not because loving one’s neighbor is the “right” thing to do. Rather, loving one’s neighbor is wrapped up in the mission of the church—to make disciples of all nations—of which all Christians are a part of.

Our neighbors are not limited to any geographical location.

Any person you come into contact with can be your neighbor—whether it be your co-workers, family members, a stranger on the street, schoolmate, or the person sitting beside you. Through our willingness to love our neighbors, the people who God has divinely placed in our lives, God demonstrates his goodness to a world that oftentimes has none.

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