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3 Simple Practices to Stay Positive in Life

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, to serve as a sign among you.” –Joshua 4:5-6

In the fourth chapter of Joshua God has the people of Israel set up a memorial. Joshua is to select one person from each tribe to take a stone and place it on top of each other. These stones are to remind future generations of God’s provision for the people in helping them cross the Jordan. This short story offers several powerful points of application on why it’s important to take inventory of what God has done in your life. Here are three simple practices to stay positive in life.

Focusing on the rough parts of life tends to be easier than focusing on the good. The Jordan river is roughly 100 feet across and 2 to 10 feet deep. God holding back the water was no small task, and it was important for the people to take inventory of this moment. And not just for the benefit of those who experienced it but also for the generation that would follow. Each tribe would be given the opportunity to participate in setting up this memorial. There would be no family left out; the whole nation would all be able to remember this moment and feel included in the story.

There are several layers here that can be healthy to apply to our own lives:

  1. Identify the good moments of life. Take time to identify the areas of your own life where God showed up. Big or small there are easily several moments that you can point to where God provided. Take inventory of those moments. 

  2. Setup your own memorials so that you and others can be reminded of God’s goodness in your life. You can keep a jar that has answered prayers inside, or you can journal down your experiences. Think of a creative way to visibly remember God’s goodness.

  3. Include others in the process. Do not be afraid to help others be included in this process; chances are these stories were not limited to your own experience, and others can benefit from being included in this practice of creating memorials of God’s goodness. 

These three simple practices can help you maintain a positive outlook in your life. It is vital for every person to take time to remember the good and not just focus on all the circumstances that create negative outlooks. Focusing on the positive can help you and others find encouragement when situations are less than ideal. God has moved in your life, and he will move again.

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