People are made to wonder. The vast world around us has a way of taking our minds and imagination in all sorts of directions. The desire to know and understand this world is an important part of being a person. Christian Guard takes this deep rooted desire to know truth and understand the world that we find ourselves in seriously. The vision of this website is to help offer truth to the best of our ability. The truth that is found through using reason and confirmed through Scripture.

Christian Guard aims to write intriguing articles that cover all sorts of topics with one singular vision: Defending truth through reason. And though Christian Guard takes truth seriously, its writers do not attempt to take themselves too seriously.

Defending truth through reason.


Kevin B. Santiago, M.A. – Founder, Writer

Kevin married the love of his life in 2012 and recently welcomed their first son, Theodore. He is a graduate of FAU with a B.A. in Psychology and from Denver Seminary with a M.A in. Apologetics and Ethics where he also won the Gordon Lewis Award for his distinguished work in Philosophy of Religion.

Over the years, he has served in a variety of ministry roles as a writer for Dare 2 Share Ministries, teaching fellow for the Gordon Lewis Center, and as a pastor in some of the nation’s leading churches. His writings have been published in online articles and curriculums. While he demonstrates skill in media, film, and writing, his primary focus in life is pastoring.

Passionate about demonstrating the beauty of God as understood through the Christian faith, Kevin regularly spends his time writing, preaching, and teaching. He currently serves as a lead pastor at his local church in Aurora, CO. Some of his more noted talks include:

  • Tactics to Defend and Share Your Faith
  • Making Sense of Pain and Suffering
  • Dealing with Doubt
  • Can We Trust the Bible?
  • How the Gospel Changes Everything
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Michael Shuman – Writer, Editor

A military brat who moved from one end of the country to other, Michael called a lot of places home. His traveler’s spirit followed him into his twenties where he continued to move around landing all sorts of odd, illustrious jobs like being a valet driver, customer service representative, and a door-to-door salesman. He eventually earned a Bachelor of Science in English Education from the University of Central Missouri and taught High School English for six years. Michael and his wife live in Denver where he is working on a Master of Divinity with a concentration in Apologetics and Ethics from Denver Seminary.