People are made to wonder. The vast world around us has a way of taking our minds and imagination in all sorts of directions. The desire to know and understand this world is an important part of being a person. Christian Guard takes this deep rooted desire to know truth and understand the world that we find ourselves in seriously. The vision of this website is to help offer truth to the best of its ability. The truth that is found through using reason and confirmed through Scripture.

Christian Guard aims to write intriguing articles that cover all sorts of topics with one singular vision: Defending truth through reason. And though Christian Guard takes truth seriously, its writers do not attempt to take themselves too seriously.

Defending truth through reason.



Kevin B. Santiago, M.A. – Founder, Writer

Kevin lives in South Florida with his wife and their many animals. He graduated from FAU with a B.A. in Psychology and from Denver Seminary with a M.A in. Apologetics and Ethics. While he spends most of his day nerding out on church history, he is a self-proclaimed cinephile. Some of his favorite films are Chariots of Fire, 2001 Space Odyssey, and the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Follow Kevin on Twitter.